Sweet Extrication Training System In Action

Our friends at Community 911 Training using the Sweet Extrication Training System for training. Thanks for sharing @community911 #setsdevice 

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JEMS Magazine August 2015 Product Review of the Maddox Strap from S&S Medical Products


Highly Functional Radio Strap

If you’ve worn a radio strap in the past, you know how convenient they are. You also know they can be a problem when you have to put on a bunker coat or EMS jacket. You may even have to compromise safety in order to use the lapel mic. The Maddox Strap from S&S Medical Products is a redesigned radio strap that’s user friendly, comfortable and safe to use in hazardous environments. The Maddox Strap is designed with a quick-release buckle that allows the radio to sit on the user’s waist, taking the weight off the neck. Plus, the shoulder strap mic harness component can be undone in one simple step for placement on the outside of your EMS jacket or fire gear without removing the strap.

DBJ announces Innovation Index Award honorees for 2015

S&S Medical Products is proud to announce that we are one of the Dayton Business Journals Innovation Index Award honoree.

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Firehouse World

Come see us at booth 308 at the Firehouse World Expo and receive your $15 off coupon code for the Maddox Strap.

Maddox Strap Product Launch

S&S Medical Products is excited to announce the release of the Maddox Strap. The Maddox Strap is a new, innovative, patent pending, upgrade to the widely used radio strap.