Sweet Extrication Training System

The days of training for patient care and removal from a motor vehicle accident has been revolutionized by S&S Medical Products with their design of the S.E.T.S. (Sweet Extrication Training System). Traditionally, classroom extrication demonstrations used a chair, personal vehicle or a junkyard automobile. All of these options have limitations and are less than ideal when trying to provide a real-life scenario to a group of students in a classroom setting.

The S.E.T.S. device overcomes these challenges and offers much more! It’s steel design and Lexan covering provide real-life limitations of a vehicle while allowing an entire classroom to see demonstration techniques being performed. Although roughly the size of an actual automobile interior, the device separates to fit through classroom doors and is easy to transport. By simply laying the device on its side or upside down, you can create an endless number of extrication scenarios to fit your classroom needs.