Nylon Maddox Strap Trigger Clasp and Anti-Sway Strap

S&S Medical Products

$ 94.99 



Maddox Strap Will Work With Any Radio Pouch That Has "D" Rings


Each Nylon Maddox Strap purchased includes three web dominators, one protective sleeve, trigger clasps and one reflective strap. 

Ask anyone who wears a portable radio what his or her biggest complaint is and you’re likely to hear a pattern. Neck strain from the shear weight of the radio is common but what about the time involved in adjusting the strap when putting on turnout gear or a raincoat? Traditionally, you had to take the entire apparatus off to accomplish adding any type of PPE. However, an innovative product called the Maddox Strap has solved this dilemma.
The Maddox Strap is a new, innovative, patent pending, upgrade to the widely used radio strap. Its unique design secures the mic harness to your lapel so that the shoulder strap component can be undone and placed on the outside of your fire gear or jacket with one quick and easy step; never requiring the user to remove the strap. Since the Maddox Strap is designed to be a part of your duty gear and not an accessory, there are MOLLE tabs for modular additions or accessories such as flashlights, knives, etc. Radio strap attaches in the traditional way using trigger clasps and a anti-sway strap. 

Nylon rated at 380 degree Fahrenheit melting temperature

 Instructions For Use